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Since 1980, Beaver Chemicals Limited has been a filteraid distributor. We provide filtering expertise to virtually all areas of industry. Filteraids are mineral powders or cellulose fibers or a combination of both, used to filter suspended matter from all types of liquids, aqueous and non aqueous. Filteraids are generally classified as to how small a particle they can remove from a liquid. Natural diatomaceous earth (also known as diatomite ) removes particles as small as 0.45 microns. 

We offer silica based ( CELITE) , perlite based ( HARBORLITE) , an amorphous aluminum silicate, calcium & magnesium silicate based and cellulose fiber based filter aids. In addition to these products, specialty adsorbing filter aids are  available for removing free fatty acids from oils or suspended oil from water or various proteins suspensions from liquids. Food grade filter aids are used from the brewing industry to the industrial grades for the plating industry.

You may also obtain technical support by telephone at (905)639-0374 ; and by e-mail to info@filteraid.com


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